how to make money from youtube

Youtube is the best option to earn money, it is completely free you can easily earn money from youtube.

In this article, I am going to show you some best ways to earn online from youtube.

How to start a Youtube channel?

You can start your Youtube channel just by logging in through your Gmail account and it will not directly pay you money for that you have to follow the following steps. how to create a youtube channel and make money see this.

how to start youtube channel
  1. To start, the Youtube channel log in with your Gmail account
  2. Click on your channel (As shown in the image)
  3. Add your details to it

Detailed stpes how to create a youtube channel?

How to Find Best Niches for Youtube

First see in yourself where at you good..

1)if you are good at singing make a channel of the singing channel.

2) If you give proper explanation about any product or you can teach some thing then open channel.

3)Find your criteria where you are good at you can make content for so much long time.

Your Interest + Your Knowledge + Audience Availability + Scope of scalability.

What is that one thing that people around you never tired of praising about you?

Best 45 Youtube Niches With Highest Earnings in 2021.

YouTube Ideas without showing Your face.

if you come for only money please do not come, You can earn so much money from youtube but you need to be patient as well.

Best niches like comedy, teaching online, singing, animation, tech etc.

Best software or application for youtube channel

To create a Youtube channel you require one mobile and internet connection if you do not have a laptop it is fine. It is not necessary that you require a laptop or desktop you can easily make videos using mobile-only.

On mobile,

  1. Use kinemaster : To edit your videos you can use kinemaster well it is free tool of-course there is paid one but if you are beginner free tool is ok.
  2. Pixel lab : To create thumbnail, Youtube cover photo you can use pixel lab app and it is very easy to use, you can download from google playstore.
  3. YT Studio : You can download this from google playstore, it display the dashboard, analytics etc.

On laptop,

1.Any browser you are comfortable like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc

2. Filimora: you can use this software which has a paid version too but for the beginner the free version is good.

5 Best software for Youtube video editing.

SEO techniques for Youtube channel

SEO is the vast topic, using seo you can rank videos very fast, through seo techniques you video can display at top.

For SEO,

seo techniques
  1. You need to give appropriate titles using keywords. see your video is on which content and then give the title.
  2. use description you can give 5000 characters to description write everything that is your video is about. give proper description you can use keywords related to your video.
  3. give proper tags, through proper tags your video can rank at the top list

SEO matters but if you content is awesome and people like that then you will automatically rank first on Youtube. you will not require seo techniques.

Link your Youtube channel with Google Adsense

With Google Adsense you can earn money. You just need to complete their policy.

what you require to get approval of Google Adsense?

  1. 1000 subscribers required.
  2. 4000 hour watch time

how to go to settings

  1. click on your gmail account then go to your channel.
link Youtube channel with Googe Adsense

2. Then go to manage video and scroll down there. you will see monetization over there.

click on monetization

well to get approval from Google Adsense is not difficult if you follow all rules then you will easily get approved.

How to Earn Money from Youtube without Google AdSense?

That’s nice question what if we do not get approval from google andsense what should we do? still we can earn money from youtube how…?

We can promote any products online directly make their videos and then sell it and get commissions.

We can do guest video promotion.

We can make a series of videos of any organization for the promotion and earn money.

We can do affiliate marketing also using videos. We can make videos on hair style and promote their products in description we can give links of products whenever viewer views the video and liked that then they can go to site and purchase it.

We can take interviews of some good personalities or provide them munch to share their experience and stuff like that.

How to check Other Youtuber’s income?

We have seen how to earn money from Youtube with google adsense approval or without google adsense approval.

But How we can check other Youtuber’s income, how to earn money from youtube, and how much money do YouTubers make to see how to check other Youtuber’s? income click here.

How to grow your Youtube channel?

The only answer is your content. well you can promote your videos by ads but if your content is not good then user will not come back.

The content must be unique, easy to understand not boring. Use best video and audio quality as much as possible, the content must be simple to understand.

We can use best thumbnails, great descriptions and keywords also to grow our channel. When your videos are best then people will come and watch your videos and share to other peoples.

How to complete 1000 subscribers?

  • Put your audience rather than revenue first,
  • Create an Engaging YouTube trailer,
  • Take SEO for youtube seriously,
  • Be innovative in your content,
  • analyze user’s question and then put videos,
  • interact with the user as much as possible.

How to complete a 4000 hour watch time?

You can make it with the only video surprised..? yes it is possible if your content is good and people like then you can earn money and complete your 4000 hour watch time.

4000 hour * 60 min240000 min

suppose your on video is only 10 minutes and there are only 24000 views then.

10 min * 24000 views240000 min

see it is just that easy you can complete your watch time using just one video.

The best platform to promote Youtube videos?

Very first you can promote your video on youtube by doing guest video promotion or video ads on google.

You can also promote your video to other site or on your own site.

The quora is the best platform to promote you videos i also like reddit but i am not so much on it.

And the last but note the list facebook, Instagram and twitter social sites.

Final words

I have tried to explain almost all possible ways to how to earn money from youtube, how to start a YouTube channel, and earn money online.

Now it’s your turn create youtube channel and make some amazing videos and share it and earn…

Give at least 1 year to grow your channel and earn money I hope you like my article and give me suggestions…

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